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Idle Feet are a potbelly's workshop.
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Welcome to the GetActive program. It’s a unique way to integrate health in your daily life at home and have fun doing it all along.
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  • It’s a small step for a big change.

    GetActive Slim is the perfect partner to take you all the way to a healthier lifestyle. It’s a simple, sleek device that tracks your daily activity, sleep and progress keeping you motivated to go that extra mile. GetActive Slim helps you fine tune your daily activity for a better tomorrow with a collaborating interactive dashboard to view your stats. So getting active is now all the more fun. Slim is an easy-to-carry device that you can wear all day long. It’s lighter than a pen & fits in any attire to track your daily activity. A device that tags along for all those walks, that will push you towards a healthy regime.

  • Sleep Tracker Band

    Sleep sound & wake up healthier.

    GetActive Slim takes a note of your sleep while it derives how good it was. Your daily activity cannot be completed if you don’t get a good night’s sleep. The device calculates your sleep score and based on the results you conclude how to make your sleep more sound. The interactive dashboard will sync the data it has derived from each night’s sleep to give you a graph on how your sleep is improving.

  • GetActive - Sync Data on Smartphone

    Watch yourself reach the next milestone.

    Your daily activity can be seen on an interactive dashboard. It’s a personal console that shows you all your data, the activity, sleep hours, calories burnt and distance travelled. You can track the number of steps you need to reach your goal. You can personalize your dashboard and watch yourself do better, push yourself harder and sleep sound for a healthier tomorrow.

  • Walk with Fitness Tracking Devices
GetActive at work.
Make your workforce healthier and happier.

About GetActive
Walking is our lifestyle.

GetActive was born after three years of intensive research from people with a wealth of experience in wellness, disease management, information technology, motion sensor applications and behavior psychology. We believe in everything simple, scientific and fun.


Startup Awards at TechSparks 2013

50 Promising Startup Awards at NASSCOM Emerge 50 2013


  • Mohammed Hussain Naseem

    Is a contagious health enthusiast and believer in Hippocrates philosophy of natural lifestyle. He loves long distance running and enjoys training people in it. His passion comes from pursuing his belief that physical activity, natural food and simple living is panacea for our universe. Just get active, before he comes running after you..

  • Murtaza Beawerwala

    Has transformed his sedentary lifestyle to an avid marathoner in the last five years. Cooking enthusiast, has a passion for execution and open mind to learn something new. Quiet performer is responsible for building bridges and nurturing relationships.

  • Sreejith

    On technology, bucks stops at him. With a strong passion for programming and product designing, Sreejith integrates dreams into reality. Man of few words and contagious smile, he shares love for food and passion for driving with Sourav.

  • Sourav Sipani

    Is a risk taker and believer in technology and new business models. Has a taste bud for global cuisine. A passionate driver and loves trotting the world. With eye for detail, he has a keen understanding on consumer behavior. Sourav is responsible for baking breads at home and new products at office. trying to make this world a healthier and happier place.

"GetActive program has helped me build a set of physical
activities and discipline into my daily life."

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