GetActive has helped Accenture, Cisco, GE, IBM, Microsoft and more than 50 other companies in creating a Healthy, Happy and Engaged Workforce.

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Benefits of GetActive

Reduction in stress levels

4 days

of sick leaves


Engagement levels


Adopt a healthier lifestyle

How it works

GetActive Devices

Third Party Apps & Devices

Smart phones

GetActive Platform

GetActive connects with various Devices, Apps and Smart Phones, to collect relevant health and fitness data and uses that to keep an employee engaged at an Individual, Team and Organization level.




Challenges to keep employees on their toes

Groupathon - Inter Team competition to create a sense of bonding and belonging

Organization wide goal where every employee contributes which makes them more responsible towards the organization

Physical Activity based Games to keep them engaged

Relay - Competition designed to make employees more responsible towards their team

Organization wide Leaderboard for company wide recognition for the employees

Rewards to keep them motivated

Health Buddies - Encourages employees to interact with colleagues and motivate each other

Route CSR initiatives through GetActive - Make employees feel part of a larger purpose

Enterprise Offerings
Employee Engagement Dashboard

Get real-time reporting and data on employee health and fitness across the organization. Aggregate reports/data based on a combination demographic profile, business units, location, hierarchy, etc...

A simple interface to manage and control all the GetActive programs running in your organization.

Quarterly Reports

Customized reports created every 3 months for your organization highlighting the important wellness achievements of the organization and areas to focus on for the next quarter.

Organization Health Snapshot

Happiness Index

Employee Engagement

Stress Scores

Get an overall snapshot of the wellbeing of the employees in your organization through parameters like Happiness Index, Employee Engagement, Stress Scores. These are calculated through our proprietary algorithms developed and perfected after analysing data of tens of thousands of employees across more than 50 organizations.

Program Management

Just sit back and relax as our team advises you in creating various online and on campus Events and Programs and executes them on your behalf.

Case Study

Cisco India has benefited immensely after launching GetActive initiative for employees in the past three years. 45% of total workforce is participating in GetActive program. With 84% engagement level, it is the most successful employee wellness program in Cisco Inc. In terms of direct benefit, 37% participants have lost an average of 4.5 kg weight, 43% participants have reported improvement in knee & back pain, and 67% have transitioned to an "active" lifestyle in the past 12+ months.


Optum Global Services (UHG Company) initiated multi- country, multi-shift wellness program for employees using GetActive. Managing an event, which spreads across three countries, five shifts, and nine business units for sixty- three days, was complex. GetActive's digital enterprise platform enabled this seamlessly. One of the important benefits observed by Optum HR team among shift employees, is reduction of inactivity stretches. 93% of participants in the program maintained higher activity levels than before and 34% employees showed reduction in BMI, shedding an average of 2.5 kg of weight. Team bonding, high energy levels and 65% engagement level are other tangible benefits.

Existing Clients
Success stories from our partners

Medical test, in which many companies spend money is an after thought. What is more important is prevention. By saving one heart attack, GetActive program pays for itself. Other intangible benefits are equally powerful - be it productivity gains, employee bonding or just high-energy levels across the organization.

Ashok Soota
Chairman, Happiest Minds

What is lovely about GetActive is its simple concept. It is a gentle reminder, a little extra push, without imposing too much on employees. We started GetActive from the top. It builds healthy competition and peer pressure, which motivates employees to stay active & fit.

Shalini Pillay

GetActive helped in two aspects - one in bringing employees together as a team, and second in improving overall fitness levels. I observed during GetActive competition, employees helping each other to achieve team goals. GetActive is a great positive trend & way forward for our organization.

Prem Velayudan
HR Director, Cisco

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