Frequently Asked Questions

Why my distance shown in device is different from distance shown in dashboard?

You have to set your actual stride length and actual weight in the device. Please refer to user guide provided in the box, or use

How should I invite buddies to join my trek?

You have to type their email id with which they have registered in GetActive program. You can find them on the Facebook or you can ask them, if they are on GetActive. If not, you can suggest them to join this program and earn 500 GetActive currency for each member.

Can I use GetActive device when I am swimming?

No, GetActive device is NOT water proof or water resistant.

Can GetActive give actual calories burnt, when I am gymming?

It can give the approximate calories burnt based on PHYSICAL MOTION. It cannot measure your heart rate; hence actual work done by your heart is not measured.

When I am driving car or I am in a motorbike, I see that a reading on my GetActive device is increasing. Why? Can I switch off?

When you are driving car or riding a motorbike, due to continuous motion of your leg (gear shift) and bumps on road, you may find increase of 150 to 250 steps in your overall reading, depending on the distance you travel in a day. This cannot be avoided, as motion detector senses this on continuous basis. If we try to filter this as noise, it may give erroneous reading on actual motion. In a target of 8,000 to 10,000 steps, this is a small number.

You cannot switch-off the device. It goes on sleep mode automatically, when motion is not sensed for a particular duration.

How accurate is the GetActive device in terms of motion sensing?

GetActive device is 95% accurate. So in a 10,000 steps count in a day, it may be counting either 9,500 or 10,500. As the objective here is to help increase the physical activity, by giving you the sense of where you are currently, this 5% error is irrelevant. We are not looking at diagnostically accurate count. Nor we have designed this device to measure distance in a highly competitive scenario.

Can I change my email id in edit profile?

No, we do not allow changing email id through edit profile. You can only change your password.

Do you recommend any particular position in a body to keep this device?

No. Unlike the mechanical pedometers, which are required to be kept near pelvic bone to sense the pelvic bone movement, 3D digital accelerometer can be kept anywhere in your body . You may hang it on your neck, through a necklace, keep in your pocket of trouser/shirt or tuck it on your waist through a clip.

While cycling, can we get the exact distance we are riding?

No, pedometer only measures your physical movement, not the distance travelled through cycling. Hence, it will measure your physical movement during cycling and convert that into steps.

During cycling, it is recommended to attach your GetActive device in the lower portion of your body, preferably lower leg.

Is it advisable to keep this device all day or just while doing a workout?

GetActive device measures your physical activity all through the day. Hence, it is recommended that you wear this throughout the day. In that way, it allows you to see your activity levels during the day, and then take action to meet your goal.

Are there any electromagnetic rays or radiation from this device, which may hamper the functioning of pace maker or any other medical implants?

No, GetActive device emits no radiation or electromagnetic rays. Hence, it is safe to wear, even when you have medical implants like pace maker.

What is the recommended life of CR 2032 battery in this device?

Recommended life is six to eight months. Hence, it is suggested to change the battery after six months of use.

What are the recommended steps for an adult and how does that change with age?

WHO recommends that 10,000 (ten thousands) STEPS, which is ~5miles or 8km is an adequate level of physical activity in a day. It does not specify the pace. Hence, as long as someone can cover 10,000 steps (including slow, medium and fast pace) in 12-15 hours of an active day, it is adequate physical activity for adult of all age. However, if someone has specific condition (disease, disability, lifestyle chronic conditions, weakness etc.), it is recommended to consult your physician before taking this initiative.